Create a Walk Team

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”


Why create a Walk team and be a team captain?


It’s A Team Effort, You and Us!!

Starting a team is a fabulous way to enjoy the day. The power of one is great, but the power of many is an enjoyable way to your fundraising target.  Get everyone on board and motivated, to make the result great. There is no limit to who you can invite.  The more, the merrier!

As a team captain, your role is an important one, and we thank you for choosing to be one. The team captain’s foremost job is to motivate and encourage people to join the team and make it a rewarding and fun experience for them. See our Tools for Teams page for tips on teams and other team resources.

There are also great Fundraising Prizes to be won this year to help motivate your team members.

Read why mum Adele created a Walk Team

“During these times of isolation, it has been a lifeline to be able to ring other LLTF parents who are often holed up at home themselves for the same reason. I cannot emphasise enough the value for myself of having such an incredible amount of support from LLTF.

The information booklet given to me when Elora was in hospital taught me about many of the common issues faced by premature babies, while the regular LLTF newsletter keeps me updated on premmie issues and I also love to read the stories of other parents and their babies.

LLTF has provided myself and my family with a huge amount of invaluable support, and I hope the amazing people running this organisation receive the support they need to in turn continue to provide such to the many families out there who are, and can, benefit and ease the difficult journey of prematurity”

Written By
Adele mum to Elora 24 weeks