Walk Day Program

Thank you for supporting Life’s Little Treasures Foundation by participating in Walk for Prems 2020. As it’s been such a tough year for everyone, your support this year means even more to us and to the families we are able to support.

This year’s walk is slightly different to last year. We have kept to our successful family event format, ensuring that there is something for everyone, only this year it’s a combination of online events and entertainment mixed with a 5km walk of a route of your choosing and in-line with your state’s health restrictions.

The day’s events will start and finish online, so make sure you check in to walkforprems.org.au. at 9am, ready to watch the day unfold. We’ll then run through speeches, the dove ceremony, a song and tribute before we get ready to all walk at the same time.

We have allocated 2 hours for the walk to ensure you have enough time to complete your route, and allow for distractions – like playgrounds, and also time for lots of photo opportunities (please tag them and share them with us) and time to find the 9 items in our Scavenger Hunt. We don’t want you to feel you’ve got to rush back. Enjoy your time outside and all the great benefits associated with that!

After the walk we’ll all get back online for the door prize draw, kids’ entertainment and closing speeches. Don’t forget to give your medals out! Then make sure you upload all of your entries for the competitions you’d like to enter and any other pics you’d like to share with us of your day.

Walk for Prems Checklist

  • Race bib and letter of instruction
  • An internet connection to access our website to watch the virtual event
  • Walk kms goal on your fundraising page
  • Rad costumes, cool personalised t-shirts, and Walk for Prems merchandise
  • A map of your route (or a gps!)
  • Strava App on your phone
  • List of Scavenger Hunt items to find
  • A list of competitions you are entering
  • A phone or camera with lots of charge
  • Water, sunscreen, hand-sanitiser, snacks and if required, a mask.
  • Walk track list ready to play
  • Following our social accounts to keep up with what’s happening across the day
  • Entered our website competion
  • Your medal!
  • Have the Kids’ Corner page book marked

Walk Details: