Tips for Walk Teams

Motivate your team!

Being part of a team for an event is motivating and a lot more fun. It can also be a great way to combine your fundraising efforts.

Below are some tips to help your team stay organised and motivated as you count down the weeks to the Walk for Prems event.

Plan your fundraising goal and strategy with your team

Once you have registered your Walk for Prems team, it’s a good idea to plan the most suitable fundraising goal and strategy with your team members. Don’t forget to log in your distance goal so that together we can attempt to cover the estimated length of the Australian Coastline – that’s 25,760 kms!

Use email and social media

Use email and social media to share your team’s fundraising page to your family, friends and colleagues and include a brief note to let people know why your team has chosen to raise funds and participate in Walk for Prems. Providing a direct link is a great way to not only collect sponsors for your team, but also to encourage others to join your team.

Find all the social media links, posters, email signatures you’ll need HERE

Join our Facebook group

Join our Walk for Prems facebook group to share your share news and fundraising tallies.

Set challenges for your team

Setting challenges for team members to see who can raise the most in a specific period, is also a good motivational activity.

Encourage team members to become a Walk Warrior

Encourage team members to raise $600 and become a Walk for Prems Warrior; all warriors receive a limited edition t-shirt.

Share your story

If you are a parent of a prem baby, or if you were born premature or sick, sharing your personal story encourages others to join with you, whilst also raising awareness of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. We would love to hear your stories either via social media using the #walkforprems2020 tag or if you are not online, email them to us at

THANK every person who sponsors or donates to you

The most important tip though, is to remember to THANK every person who sponsors or donates to you. By helping you fundraise they in turn are helping support more families with premature or sick babies across Australia.

Download our Walk Tips Document

Fundraising can be a challenge but with a bit of simple planning it can also be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Team fundraising turns the experience into an opportunity to bond with colleagues and achieve significant results.

Encourage your team to fundraise, make it fun, give them weekly targets to reach. For instance, the first team member to reach a set target gets a big hug from you! Or shout their next coffee.  Give your team words of encouragement.

To help you create your walk team easily, we have put all the tools you need together below.

Download Tools for Walk Teams

How your money helps

It’s important to know how the money you fundraise helps fund the services of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. CLICK HERE to read about How your donation helps.