Fundraising Tips

When you raise $100, ten families receive a hospital survival guide

Lifes’s Little Treasures Foundation does not receive any government funding, so your fundraising efforts are critical in helping support families of premature and sick babiesFollow the link to learn more about how your money helps.

How to help fundraise

1. Set up your fundraising page

Once you have registered for a Walk for Prems event, you will be able to set up your fundraising page, either as an individual or as a team. Follow the simple instructions to send the link to family, friends and work colleagues.  Email, your favourite social media or a quick conversation are great ways to reach family, friends and many more.  Ask them to share your link with others.

2. Set a fundraising goal

All funds you raise go the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation and you will be surprised how easy it is to reach a target of $600.

3. Collect donations

You could ask people to sponsor your walk direct through your fundraising page, or collect donations from a special event – either way you will reach your target before you know it. For friends and colleagues who are not online, receive donations manually with our Manual Collection Donation form.  Read below for further ideas and tips for achieving your fundraising goal.

Fundraising Ideas


Bake some sweet treats and take them to work, school or drop them at your neighbours doorstep (contactless!) and sell them for $2 each.

Ask for sponsors

Ask family and friends to sponsor your walk! We have provided you with some graphics to share on your social media to help get word out there.

Orange marigold plants

Plant 12 used yogurt containers with marigold seeds. Sell them to your friends and family for $2 each. A great way to get the kids involved!

Round up loose change

Ask people to donate the loose coins in their pocket. Car wash – Ask your friends and family to donate to you for washing their car (or vacuum the house, or do the dishes… the list is endless!)

Offer to sing someone a song over Zoom

Get them to donate for the pleasure (or to make you stop! Either way, it’s a win-win).


Ask your friends and family to dare you with your costume/crazy hair/face
paint to wear on the walk. The crazier it is the more you can request!

Walk 5kms every day for a week

From 18th to 25th October, we are tracking the kms completed in an attempt to cover the estimated length of the Australian Coastline – 25,760 kms. Make sure you add your goal into your fundraising page so we are able to see what we can achieve together.

If 736 of us walked 5km a day in that Walk week, we’d make it! Be cheeky and encourage friends and family to sponsor you per km!

Strava – Challenge your Strava contacts to a little fundraising competition to see who can walk the most often, the furthest, the quickest or the funniest route!

Baby’s gestation

Ask people to donate a dollar for each week of your baby’s gestation, highlighting your journey.