Dress up for the Walk!

Even though the Walk this year may be smaller where you are, let’s still dress up. Costumes and personalised t-shirts are always a big part of the day and really help to add to the fun atmosphere. Not only that – it’s a great momento to keep. Have some fun!

We’d love to see your awesome outfits, so please upload your pics to social using #walkforprems2020 and tag us @walkforprems

Personalise your shirt!

  • Get the kids involved and let them design their own t-shirts with their own finger and footprints!
  • Customise your t-shirt by getting your prem’s photo on your t-shirt, and adding their gestatation and size to show us how far they’ve come.
  • Get creative! Glitter, ribbons, stamps, buttons, fabric, sequins to make your t-shirt stand out or sew on cut out shapes or your team’s name.

Dress up for the day

  • We’ve seen some great outfits at our walks – from feather boas and tutus to dressed up dogs and a full body inflatable suit! Wearing a costume for your walk may help get more interest and potentially more sponsors when they see you out and about!
  • It’s fun to be in a team, and more so when you’re all wearing the same
    costume. People love dressing up for Walk for Prems, and this year shouldn’t be any different. So even if you may be walking in separate
    locations, you can still wear your team colours with pride.
  • Your outfit efforts will put you in the running to be rewarded with $100
    Baby Bunting e-voucher with the three best dressed people/teams, as well as best team pic (a costume would help your chances!) in the running for a prize.